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(last update : 01/05/2016)

For several years I got down to recover and to transcribe, soloes and duets of guitars jazz of the 1930s 1940. I so wanted to bring out of the forgetting certain guitarists inequitably untidy today. I even formed a duet named GuitarMania and you can see the site Here . Among these guitarists you will find Dick Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, Eddie Lang, Tony Mottola ... . The appearances will be made according to the time which I have to edit my pages on Lilypond.

You will find in this site guitar's scores that you can download in pdf, or by file text .ly. These last types of files are sources allowing to create a score under Lilypond. The interest is that you can get back these sources and modify them if there are errors, so we can make in common more right scores. Thanks to Philipp Gangl for his help. Also, if bosses of Lilypond have advice to give me, I take! Other interest is that they are very small files thus very short to download. Furthermore if you are not used to this type of software, it can give a leg up to you. Lilypond is a free and free editor of score which allows to have very beautiful scores! For more information produce you on the page of Lilypond.

I also decided to put the files of listening in ogg. The ogg format is a free compression format, so good (see better) as the mp3 format. Indeed contrary to the fact that we can think, the mp3 format is not free. It is necessary to know indeed that every making of device or software using it (key usb, etc.) has to put back $0.75 by device to the designers. To read such files under Windows you can use the free DbpowerAmp software.

If you already use Lilypond then you must be familiar with freeware. For my part I work under Ubuntu Studio and I use for my statements the Rezound software, which allows me to edit the sound in wave form. You can also use Audacity , both are freeware but Audacity was carried on Windows.